Insinuations and Dealing With Stress

by Jane H.
(Bemidji, MN USA)

I write stories as a way of dealing with stress

I write stories as a way of dealing with stress

I write this to let you know what frustrates me, and how I deal with stress resulting from it. I get terribly frustrated when so called friends go out of their way to let me know that they disapprove of me. I have chosen to spend my time following my dreams. Also, I don't always share the details of my life, so they assume many things about me that just aren't true.

At a rather advanced age, advanced in their eyes that is, I am trying to establish a career. Recently, I was told that I have a lot of time on my hands, which I do not. I write confession stories, and I deal with the stress by allowing the details of my frustrations to become a part of the tales I tell.

I am angered at a double standard that I notice regarding talking about politics in church, at public meetings, and other places where it is not considered polite. The party that I support is supposed to keep quiet and slink away in shame, and the other party can spout off as if they are right and righteous.

I deal with this by living my life according to my beliefs, in hope that my ideals will speak for themselves. I am comfortable in my beliefs. I try to just let this one slide, and to try to find points of agreement rather than getting into arguments.

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