My Inspirational Song

by Jasmine Dulay
(Surrey, BC, Canda)

Beautiful U R by Deborah Cox
(that is how it is actually spelled)

When I am feeling down or something embarrassing happened to me, I listen to this song and it cheers me up.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing about this song, Jasmine. This is a truly inspiring song; lyrics are awesome. I am posting the video here.. Enjoy!

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Beatles Forever

by Matt
(Clovis, Ca)

My number one motivational song is Revolution, mainly because I believe that people often times overlook the fact that they do have a voice, and can find a way to use it for something that is important to either themselves or to us all. This song does a great job of challenging all of us to use our voice.

Revolution, by Beatles

My second best is Hello/Goodbye. What could be a better philosophy on life? Can anyone believe it's just that simple of a choice? Just be positive it will benefit you and me and all of us.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing. I have included the video link of your favorite number. Love the message of the song.

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Fly Like an Eagle

by Sandra Hendricks
(Idaho, USA)

Experience Change from Sandra Hendricks

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