I constantly scour the web looking for the best self improvement resources. On this page I will list the links to resources that I have found useful. Hope you derive benefit from these as well. 

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The Top 100 Self Hypnosis Downloads- If you are looking for a hypnosis solution for your personal development concern, you are bound to find something to your liking in this vast collection of the most popular hypnosis downloads.

Free Reports and Audio Downloads - Check this page if you want to download some FREE pdfs and mp3s.

Free Bite-Sized Tips and Videos - Get FREE tips or videos in your inbox on personal development topics of your choice - like self esteem, self confidence, success, motivation, relationships, and overcoming fear, anxiety and negativity. - Brian Tracy's life coaching programs and seminars will help you achieve your goals with self development, and help you unleash your personal power.

Core Inner Strength - This is a hypnosis audio program from the renowned psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Dr Shirley McNealthat can help you access your inner strength from within you. Your inner strength is the key to that ultimate confidence and self esteem, that lets you live a rich and much fuller life.

Energy Dancing - These are audio programs developed by Dr Silvia Hartmann, designed to improve the energy flow in your body, that can help relieve your stress and leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. The unique feature of these audios is you are expected to not just listen to them, but instead to dance intuitively to them. While not for everyone, these can be a great alternative for those willing to try new ways to feel better and rejuvenated. - is by far the largest Self Improvement website on the Internet.

SelfhelpMagazine - SelfhelpMagazine is a trusted educational site developed by licensed mental health professionals since 1994.

Self Improvement Articles - A collection of 10 personal development articles written by experts on various topics like public speaking, reducing shyness, and social anxiety.

Motivational Posters - Over 14,000 motivational related posters and prints at

Scenic Motivational Posters - A compilation of some of the best scenic and celebrity motivational posters and wallpapers.

More Self Improvement Resources - A complete collection of personal development book and audio resources on this site.


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