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List of Weight Loss Programs and Best Weight Loss Diets Online

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On this page you will find the best among the list of weight loss programs and plans that are widely popular across the internet. While most weight loss programs require you to control your diet and exercise regularly, each program has a certain focus that makes it the best among its class.

The 3 Week Diet

3 week diet weight loss program
The 3 Week Diet is the newest weight loss system that has been getting consistent good reviews.

The main reason to consider this system is of course the short time-frame. So if you want to get your body ready for summer, then this might be something to try!

Its creator is a nutritionist and personal trainer, and he developed the system on the principle that if people can quickly gain weight by unhealthy eating, they should just as quickly be able to lose it as well with healthy eating.

What does the system contain

The 3 Week Diet system doesn't involve starving yourself or exercising like crazy. It contains a specific scientific method of including certain nutrient rich foods into your diet, that when combined, offer special fat-burning properties.

In addition to the Diet Manual, the system also includes a Workout Manual that can help nearly double your results, along with a Mindset Motivational Manual.

You can get more information about the system here

Bistro MD

Bistro MD is the most popular choice when it comes to list of weight loss programs that deliver meals.

This program was developed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, M.D., one of the few medical doctors who actually specialize in weightloss.

How it works

It works quite similar to eDiets plans, where you just choose from one of the 4 convenient meal plans.

Then you customize your order with your specific preferences, allergies, or dislikes, and their chefs prepare foods from your customized plan under the supervision of a doctor, and ship it to your door.

Menus are rotated weekly, and they even have option to sneak in a few snacks into your meal plan, should you choose!

Time frame for losing weight

On an average, you can expect to lose about 2 to 3 lbs per week with this plan. The exact amount depends on your age, activity level, amount of exercise, medical conditions and present weight.

Bistro MD is a proven weight loss program that has worked for thousands of others. It's easy, delicious and healthy!

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The Diet Solution

diet solution weight loss program
Are you wondering if there is an all natural weight loss and nutrition program out there? You have just found it in The Diet Solution program.

The Diet Solution is one of the most popular weight loss program available online.

As the title suggests, the program offers specific action steps to lose weight by altering your diet, helps you create your personalized meal plan, and choose the best foods for your plan based on your particular metabolism type.

Additionally, the program provides access to its members area which has various tools to help you determine your metabolism type, calculate calories, figure out food ratios, food servings, and more.

A full section of the program is devoted to organic foods as well.

Time frame for losing weight

By following the program guidelines, most people start to lose 4-8 lbs after the first week itself, and continue on an average weight loss of about 1-2 lbs a week.


We'll be adding more weight loss programs in the coming days, so keep a watch on this page.

In the meanwhile, if you'd like some extra help in your weight loss efforts, you may consider self hypnosis as a tool to help you keep up your motivation. Below are some sessions you may find helpful:

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