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The Reason for Low Self Confidence

The reason for low self confidence can almost always be summed up in one word:

"FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real" -Veer Sharma

Identifying and recognizing what we are afraid of, is an important first step in learning and understanding how to build confidence.

what kind of fears make people less confident

Fear of:

  • Embarrassment
    (eg: public speaking fear)
  • Rejection
  • (eg: fear of asking someone out)
  • Criticism
  • (eg: fear of speaking out our opinion)
  • Failure
  • (eg: fear of trying new things)

to name a few.

Fears like these usually originate, and gain ground, from our perception of how other people would react at us - based on our past experiences or our imagination - leading us to being shy when not necessary.

And not only do they erode our self confidence, but worse, sometimes these dreaded feelings escalate into social anxiety and anxiety attacks as well.

how to gain confidence

The key to building self confidence is to FACE the underlying fear. And practice doing that, until you MASTER the fear.

Then, as we slowly gain belief in ourselves, it is only a matter of time before the lack of self confidence becomes a matter of past.

How would you like to eliminate your fears completely,
and go about your day with utmost confidence? 

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