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low stress jobs that are popular today

Since the place we work is the place we spend most of our waking hours, and since sustained stress and depression are related, avoiding stress anxiety at work is in our best interest, and an excellent stress reducer idea in itself.

However, a list of low stress jobs can be highly subjective. Reason? Even a job that is typically regarded as highly stressful, can be extremely relaxing to you - if you love what you are doing.

That said, there are a few jobs that are regarded as stressful - and even those who love their jobs agree they can be stressful - but still keep going with them because, you know, those jobs keep them going!

The other side of the coin? There are few jobs that often pop up in
"low stress jobs" lists - either by career experts, or research that compiles public opinions, or purely from someone expressing their personal preferences.

1. Elementary of preschool teacher

Well, this job is not for everybody, of course. But, if you are one of those that really loves little kids, and enjoy having them around for better part of the day, this is a "to-be-strongly-considered" career opportunity.

As we know, little kids can become a tough task to tackle at times. But in spite of those trying times, many of us are fortunate to know the pleasures of raising our own kids, and watching them grow.

So for the right person, being in charge of teaching little kids is like multiplying that pleasure many times over. In fact, the younger the kids, the more the satisfaction you can derive from this job.

2. fitness trainer

If working out is your passion, then helping others work out can be a great low stress opportunity to make income.

You can spend a good portion of your day amidst various fitness equipment, or in the field, and you also get to keep up with the latest in fitness arena.

Added to that, knowing that you are helping others get in shape, and stay healthy, can be a great morale booster as well.

3. graphics designer / content writer

Anything to do with computers can become a good reason to get stressed out! But, there are some niche areas where many people do freelance work which can be quite satisfying, and earn a good living working on their own time.

Graphics design or web page design, and web content development fall under these categories.

The occupational hazard here, of course, is taking too many projects than can be handled in the time you want to allot - and while the money may be better - that can surely become a recipe for more stressful life, if not handled right. Not to mention the time and money one may need to invest upfront, to acquire the necessary skills to opt for such a career.

4. librarian

This is one of those jobs that almost always shows up in the list of low stress jobs. And maybe for a good reason.

If arranging and organizing is your thing, and you prefer a silent work environment, and love the company of books, then being a librarian is the career option you can go for.

And helping others locate books of their choice, or suggesting a book to them, can add a bit to the overall satisfaction you can derive from this job.

5. massage therapist

This is another one that often comes up in lists of low stress jobs. There are a couple of advantages one can see with it right away - massage is about relaxing people; and if your job is about relaxing people, chances are it can have a restorative effect on you as well.

And you can use some of those relaxing techniques on yourself, as needed, and that is definitely a good perk and a good skill to have.

6. movie reviewer

If you love watching movies, and love ranting and raving about the movies you hate or love, then what can be better than getting paid to do that?

Of course it may be difficult to derive full time income from this initially, but you can start this off as a part time stint, and with sufficient time and experience, things can change more favorably from a strictly monetary point of view.

And the relatively stress-less factor that comes with this kind of work - can be priceless!

7. registered nurse

Again, this job is not for everyone either. But, if taking care of people comes naturally to you, and you know the rigors of medical school and career are not for you, then nursing is the way to go.

While there will be stressful moments, no doubt, when working this job, the feel good factor that accompanies doing what you can to help those in need, increases your own happiness quotient - and that's a great added benefit to have.

8. tour guide

If you really love living in a particular place, then what better way to earn a living than showing it off to other people?

Of course, this involves a bit of moving around unlike some of the other jobs listed here, but if don't mind that, or in fact prefer that because you don't like being constrained to a room as a part of your work routine, then this can certainly be the stress-free career you want to consider.

But regardless of the kind of job one holds, trying to maintain a positive attitude at work can potentially minimize the stress that typically accompanies our regular work day; and that helps us lead a less stressful, happier life.

You can also try listening to soothing self hypnosis audios every evening to relieve stress and tension related to your regular workday.

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