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Memory improvement games, brain games and memory tests are an excellent way to improve short term memory.

How do they do it?

Such games and tests build new connections between your brain cells, and fortify the existing ones, resulting in a stronger memory faculty.

Below are few free popular brain games that are sure to keep your brain cells working. Have fun!

You will need a JavaScript enabled browser, and a Flash Player to enjoy these games. If a game doesn't load properly, just do a Refresh of the page.


This is a good game to test your remembering skills. Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can. Click 'Play' to start the game.


This is a Chinese game good for training your brain. The objective is to find similar objects as fast as you can. Click 'New Game' tab to start the game.

Memory match game

This is quite a popular game, where you find the matching pairs of cards in as few moves as you can. Click a card to get started.

If any of the above memory games are not working, please let us know. Keep a watch on this page, as more memory tests and games will be added soon!

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