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Memory Improvement: Techniques, Tips and Aids

Teaching Memory Improvement Techniques

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is the PROCESS of retention and retrieval of information that has been perceived through any of our five senses. In this section, we have several simple memory improvement tips that can help in short term memory enhancement, as well as with long term memory training.

memory improvement tips and techniques

Before we understand the various memory improving techniques, or look at some of the habits and lifestyle tips for enhancing memory, it will help to understand how information is stored in our brain in the first place.

long term vs short term memory

Information that is perceived through any of our senses is initially stored in short-term memory, or the working mind. Short term memory holds the material from a few seconds to a few minutes. Then it's gone, to make way for the next sensory perception.

Playing Brain Games is a good way to improve short term memory.

Material that is important enough for us is transferred to long-term memory. This is a relatively long-lasting storehouse, and can theoretically hold unlimited information for indefinite period of time.

How is information transferred from our "working mind" to its more permanent counterpart?

  • Attention. You pay attention to it. You observe it, as opposed to merely giving it a passing glance.

  • Repetition. You repeat it. You repeat it. You get the point.

  • Association. You associate it, to an existing piece of data in your mind, thereby offering yourself a "cue" to bring it up later as needed.

  • Visualization. You picturize it. Visual memory is stronger than its verbal counterpart.

Does transferring more information to the long-term area of our mind, imply a better memory?

No. That maybe a necessary, but not the sufficient condition for "Good" memory. Instead, it has more to do with an improvement in our ability to recognize and recall the transferred data, exactly when it is needed.

As seen earlier, we virtually have the capacity to hold infinite data for indefinite period of time in our minds. And most people, by following few of the techniques referenced in the preceding paragraph, can successfully transfer and retain that material in this infinite storehouse.

So how do people with "Good" memory retrieve and recall specific information as needed?

By developing few habits and lifestyle techniques that enhance the communication between their brain cells.

Additionally, there are also a few natural remedies available that can help you relieve forgetfulness and improve concentration, focus and attention span.

These lead to an improvement in the physical capacity of your brain cells to retrieve and recall the data as needed, resulting not only in your overall memory improvement, but also a higher self confidence as well.

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