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Just like memory improvement games, memory pills and brain supplements are also a few alternative resources that people turn to, for improving memory or for reducing memory loss.

Are you wondering what these brain health supplements do? Which ones should you take? And more importantly, if they are any good?

what pills and supplements are available for memory?

As the saying goes, our life is all about remembering what we did yesterday and planning what we'll do tomorrow. Without memory, our life will just be disjointed pieces of our experiences.

So in that sense, memory is indeed the glue that binds our life together, and makes sense out of it. Every act we experience involves brain cells constantly interacting with each other, leaving a physical and chemical trace in our brain.

Over time these brain cells or neurons start deteriorating, and the communication between them begins to fail. We call these memory lapses.

When that happens, memory pills can help restock the brain nutrients that have naturally been depleted, and improve signals between the brain cells. As the neurons in our brain communicate a little better with each other, our memory, focus, mood, cognitive and learning abilities can improve.

Brain supplements are routinely prescribed for medical conditions such as Alzheimer's, ADHD and Narcolepsy. Additionally, memory supplements are also being increasingly taken by the younger population - especially those working in professional fields or studying in college - for better concentration and focus.

Brain health supplements are fast becoming lifestyle pills with many healthy people taking them for a variety of reasons - to reduce tiredness and mental fatigue, to prepare for tests and exams, to get ahead at work or school, to stay awake at night, to make learning easy, to treat jetlag, and so forth.

is this indiscriminate use of memory pills a good idea?

That's debatable. To put it simply, getting habituated or addicted to anything is generally not a good idea, especially if it is for recreational use. Also, it is important to remember that the long-term effects of many of these pills and supplements may not be fully known yet.

However, for short-term occasional use, most supplements can safely be used to not only enhance memory, but also to ward off mental deterioration for as long as possible. Also, natural and herbal supplements registered with government agencies like the U.S. FDA, tend to be much more safer than the others.

But if you have started to notice sudden or serious memory loss, or have other medical conditions or are taking other medications that you believe may be causing your memory lapses, always consult a qualified physician.

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