Always Make Me Think

by Bryan
(San Jose, CA)

Some of my motivational songs:

Sammy Hagar - Give to Live (video below)
Van Halen - Right Now
Judas Priest - You've got another thing coming
Nickelback - If today was your last day

and of course...
Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Editor's note: "Sammy Hagar's Give to Live" - just awesome. Lyrics are just too good! I am posting the video. Thanks for sharing.

Give to Live

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My Faves

Hi, My favorite motivational songs list:

"Mountains" - Lonestar (video below)
"Never Too Late" - Three Days Grace
"Have a Nice Day" - Bon Jovi
"Don't Stop Believing" - Journey (How did no one get this???)
"I'll Be There for You" - The Remembrandts
"Our Lives" - The Calling
"Every Day" - Rascal Flatts
"Someday" - Rob Thomas
"One Girl Revolution" - Superchick
"Son of Man" - Phil Collins (Yes, I went there)
"Sake of Song" - Blackmore's Night
"Hello World" - Belle Perez
"Unstoppable" - Kat DeLuna
"Remember the Name" - Fort Minor (but you already had that)
"Fighter" - Christina Aguilera
"I Can See Clearly Now" - Jimmy Cliff
"Citizen Soldier" - Three Doors Down
"I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor

Editor's note: Hmm I haven't heard "Mountains" before today, but those are one of the most inspiring lyrics. Thanks for letting me know about this one. I am posting the video here for you:


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Xander's List

by Alex

There are too many!!!

My favorites right now are -

10. I'm Alive - Disturbed
9. Mezamero Yasei - Matchy with Question?
8. Ain't No Grave - Johhny Cash
7. Something So Strong - Jim Capaldi
6. Edge of Soul - Soul Blade Theme

5. An Epic Age - Immediate Music
4. Soldiers - Bee Gees
3. Stand My Ground - Within Temptation

2. The Storm - Blackmore's Night

And Number one goes to....

1. Diamond Eyes - Shinedown (video below)

Editor's note: Edited to include the video of "Diamond Eyes".

Diamond Eyes

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