Music That Moves Me

by Justin
(East Rockaway, NY, USA)

Bands that inspire me, and their top motivational songs:

RX Bandits

This band's music resonates deeply with me. The lead singer knows how to use his voice as an instrument, focusing on inflection, tone, and pitch to convey the emotion behind his lyrics. You can tell that he feels strongly about what he is saying and is in it for the music and the passion for it he possesses. They perform all their albums live in studio as if they were performing a concert, giving it that edge that is missing in a lot of studio albums. Plus, being that they are relatively around the same age as me, the topics they sing about also have a meaning and I find myself easily able to relate to.

As human beings, we are moved by emotion, and the main thing that is brought to the table by the RX Bandits is a wide range of emotion that is expressed impeccably through the voice of the singer, and the diversity of instruments and effects the band members use. It makes me want to stand up and scream along as I just sit in my living room. Amazing. 6 years after first hearing their album "Progress" it still means as much to me today as it did then. Songs like "Who Would've Thought," "Overcome (The Recapitulation)," ".....And The Battle Begun" only begin to scratch the surface. Power is in the music.

Blind Melon

The life of deceased lead singer Shannon Hoon was troubled and that comes out in the music. The conflicted personality of a tortured soul emanates from the musical arrangements and the eerie sounding voice with which he plies his trade. Hoon's voice is mesmerizing, bringing you into his mind as he bears his soul. The songs are so deep and thought provoking that every time I listen to "Soup" or their self titled album, I can't help but daze off into my own mind searching for answers. On top of Hoon's voice is the use of a kazoo, mandolin, and violin on certain songs, as well as your typical rock band instruments.

It's a shame Hoon had to die of a drug overdose so soon, as I would love to have seen where the band would have gone. They recently had a new lead singer who, in concert, sounded very much like Hoon but it wasn't meant to last. In my opinion, there is nothing better than putting on Blind Melon when it is raining outside and staring out my window losing myself in the music. Songs such as "Galaxie," "Change," and "All That I Need" are examples of the emotionally stirring side of this band. Most of their music is better than "No Rain," which itself is an amazing song.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing about the songs that inspire you. Great choice. I am including the video links to RX Bandits' ".....And The Battle Begun", and Blind Melon's "Galaxie" above. Loved those lyrics.

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