My Biggest Fear is..

by Anonymous

Fear of rejection by the opposite sex

Fear of rejection by the opposite sex

My biggest fear is being rejected by the opposite sex.

Do you feel the same way, too? Here's what can you do about it:

Fear of rejection is a common fear particularly among guys, but not too infrequently among ladies as well. So what do you do about it? Do you avoid talking to members of opposite sex because of your fear, or steer clear of situations where you may have to get to know them? Or do you face your fears and work up your courage, and still end up going out with them every now and then?

While the first approach pushes you more deeper into your "fear abyss", the second approach can help you get out of it, sooner or later. A combination of two tasks can help undo your fears over time:

(i) Work on your overall self esteem, and

(ii) Practice facing your specific fears in everyday social situations.

While these are easier said than done, of course, they are very much attainable goals nevertheless. Start by thinking of yourself as worthy of having meaningful relationships with members of opposite sex, and go ahead and ask someone out if you like them. Rejection is a part of life, so accept it for what it is, and don't let it be a downer for more than a day.

If you could use a bit of hand getting started (we all do sometimes), you may try self hypnosis sessions designed specifically to help you overcome fear of rejection, and to help you boost your overall confidence right now.

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