My Fav 5 Motivational Songs

by Kevin
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

1. Carrie Underwood - So Small (video below)
My favorite all-time inspirational song is Carrie Underwood's "So Small" because it is such a reminder of what's important in life. I think inspiration comes from within and this song is a reminder to look inside of ourselves to find what is really important in life to us and in general.

The fact that there is so much in this world that we look to for satisfaction and inspiration but find nothing but small spurts of gratification is the key to what our loss of inspiration is. Her line, “Sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand, and what you’ve been out there searching for forever is in your hands,” is truly a testament to this.

Most of her lyrics and even some of her other songs hit on this. For her, worrying about all the wrong things and sitting around wondering what you could change is a waste of time. Get out there and never lose the faith is her message.

So Small

2. David Archuleta - Smokey Mountain Memories
(originally sung by Dolly Parton)
Just a great song; I am from the South but do not live there so it's a meaningful song.

3. Jewel - Life Uncommon
An amazing song about living your life like none other because you choose to be different and do good. Great reminder that through the tough times, living a life uncommon is worth it.

4. Michael Buble - Smile (originally sung by Charlie Chaplin)
A great song that is a great reminder to always smile in life. Tough times will come and go but a smile lasts forever.

5. John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change
I just really like this song. It reminds me that there's so much that needs change but sometimes so little we can do as one person. Yet what we do is what we can do and that makes a difference itself.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing your list. I have posted the video of "So Small" by Carrie Underwood. Awesome Lyrics indeed!

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