My wallpaper motivated him to score well in his studies

by Prakhar

Motivational Wallpaper

Motivational Wallpaper

No matter form where the motivation comes form, it must be observed and utilized to get the desired effect out of it. Here is a strange thing happened once, about 2 months back.

I've a hobby of placing motivational wallpapers on my desktop, and as my screen saver. I've a cousin who used to come to my house a lot, to play computer games; the problem with him was he used to be too dull in his studies.

But whenever he comes to my PC, he used to check those wallpapers and screen savers. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him why? He gave no answer and got busy in gaming.

After a month when his result was out, he scored first position in his class (9th grade). When asked what has moved him so much, his answer was "My bro's desktop". He said to me.. "Thanks Bro, besides loving playing on your PC, I used to read every motivational quote written on your desktop wallpaper, and that has given me strength to do more and more and more. When ever I felt bored or tired, I think of your wallpaper and read those motivational lines again; this way I strengthened my will power, and the results are in front of every body."

I too felt quite happy as my hobby became the reason for someone to score well in life. Thus little things you do can positively affect you, and the people around you.

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