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What is NLP? Online NLP Training and NLP Certification

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP for short, is an approach to self improvement and personal development, based on the idea that successful patterns of behavior can be brought about by structuring the underlying thought patterns and interpersonal communications.

NLP looks into the relationship between the way we think, the way we communicate, and how we can "program" these two aspects to effect the change in behavior we wish to see in ourselves (or others).

how can nlp techniques help

NLP techniques owe their origin to Ericksonian Hypnosis Techniques, although NLP itself does not involve hypnosis.

NLP relies on constantly using the feedback of success to determine what works, and the feedback of failure to avoid what doesn't work.

While NLP does suffer from lack of experimental evidence that proves its effectiveness, its techniques are being widely used by many people to bring about a personal change, and to improve communication with others. Its therapeutic uses are recognized by the U.K Council for Psychotherapy.

NLP techniques are being used to break negative cycles and build confidence and self esteem, replace negative thoughts with positive ones, improve presentation skills, and treat phobias. They are also being used in sports to improve mind-body coordination resulting in better performance.

NLP is also being used in sales and management as well as an effective communication tool. The emphasis is on using different communication styles with different people, based on the specific individual we are interacting with, and utilizing non-verbal cues such as their eye contact and body language to guide the process of interaction.

online nlp training and certification

If you wish to take NLP training online and learn how to effectively use the NLP techniques, either for your own personal benefit or to practice it professionally, you can sign up for Online NLP Training and Certification. You also receive lifetime support from The American University of NLP.

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