by Heather Olsen
(Virginia beach)

I do charity work in poor parts of the city

I do charity work in poor parts of the city

I have always thought of myself as a positive person. It could always be worse. I don't remember being any other way. My parents taught me to be thankful for everything that I have in my life, and to never want for anything. So here are few things that keep me positive no matter what situation I am in.

I think of people who have it worse off then me. Usually it works if I go into a not so great part of the city, or do some charity work. There is nothing like helping someone who is less fortunate, to make you put your life in perspective.

Second is to be thankful for everything I have in my life, including my health, family, friends, the car I drive, my personality, freedom. I usually start off with the small things like having the motion of my finger and toes, to working up to the big stuff like being thankful for the people in my life.

Another way I stay positive is by getting in tune with nature. I go for a hiking trip, go to the lake, or sit on the beach. I look at all the other people and animals, and just bask in the miracle of it all. We as human beings have a lot to be thankful for, and I think that we get stuck on the small stuff too often. Dance it out and see where it takes you.

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