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Over the Counter Sleep Aids

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We run into plenty of over the counter sleep aids these days. But if you have ever wondered if these can help, in addition to following the tips on how to sleep better, here is what you need to know.

OTC sleep aids are a good way to get our much needed slumber, but only under special circumstances; and only on an as needed, temporary basis. Like if you have been traveling across continents and jet lag is keeping you awake, you might slip in an over the counter pill.

But for most of other situations, it is always advisable to get your doctor's suggestion before getting into OTC sleep aids.


Because OTC sleep aids do not cure insomnia. They do not address the root cause of why we may have sleep issues to begin with.

They typically contain antihistamines that just provide symptomatic relief, and only serve to conceal the potentially more serious, underlying concerns.

And they come with a lot of potential side effects, if taken as a daily or regular dosage:

  • As we keep taking an over the counter sleep aid for more number of days, chances are we will start needing more and more of that drug to get us our sleep, as the time goes by.

  • We may end up not being able to sleep at all, without that drug; in other words, we may get addicted to sleeping pills.

  • If we are taking any other medicines, these sleep aids may interact with them, causing more serious concerns.

  • Some of the drug's side effects may roll over well into the next day - drowsiness, lack of coordination or balance, and memory issues are not uncommon the next day.

  • Trying to stop taking them could also result in more side effects like nausea.

So it is always a good idea use the OTC sleep aids in moderation, and get a doctor's opinion if you think a more regular dosage is needed.

There are also plenty of sleep tips and other natural sleep aid options that can help you get your much deserved shut-eye, in a less contentious way.

Additionally, self hypnosis audios also do a good job of relaxing your body and mind deeply enough, so you can quickly fall asleep in a much more natural way.

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