Overcome "Approach Anxiety" Using 2 Simple Methods

by Patrick Banks
(Berlin, Germany)

Approach anxiety (or the "fear of approach") is the name for a very frustrating fear that stops men from approaching and talking to women, even if they are interested in them.

The fear often gets stronger, the more you're interested in her.

First of all, understand that there isn't anything wrong with you; this fear exists in almost any man on earth, and has very strong biological roots, connected to our evolution as human beings.

Anyway, although the fear is never going to disappear, there are methods to make it much weaker, so that you can easily overcome it.

Here are 2 simple methods to overcome approach anxiety.

1. Getting Used to Women

The first method is based on the fact that that our fears get weaker, the more we face them. If you want to overcome the fear of heights, you should slowly get used to being in higher and higher places, and your mind will get used to heights.

The same thing is true about approach anxiety. In order to overcome it, you need to get used to approaching women.

The idea is that you make small steps each time. Here is a simply "game plan" to overcome approach anxiety within 30 days:

- In the first 10 days, you should approach 5 girls every day, and simply ask them a simple informational question – such as, "where is xyz street?".

- In the next 10 days, you should approach 5 girls every day, and make a simple compliment, like for instance, telling them that you think they are cute. You don’t care about their response - simply say this, and you can go away. Only if she starts talking to you, you can answer and continue a conversation.

- In the last 10 days, you approach 5 girls every day, tell them that you like their style, and ask for their phone number. It doesn’t matter if they agree or not. You just need to ask.

It’s important to understand that you are not practicing any kind of lines or openers. When you get rid of approach anxiety, you don’t care about the response. You just get used to approaching women. After approaching a total of 150 women this way, within a month's time, your fear will be very low.

2. The Kamikaze Method

The Kamikaze method is the complete opposite of the previous method. It’s my secret "magic pill" to get rid of approach anxiety within seconds.

I use it a lot when I go out to bars and clubs. Historically, Kamikazes were the Japanese suicide warriors, and that’s what you’re going to do to your approach anxiety as well.

Here is how it’s done...

You get into a bar or club (or any other venue), find the most attractive girl, the one that you would never dare approaching – and immediately go and talk to her.

The idea is not thinking about anything, just approach one – you have no goal of getting her number or anything. Your goal is to approach her and get rejected.

Whenever you do this one "scary" approach, you will notice that your fears of approach will disappear, sometimes even for the whole night.

Just one approach is what you need to get rid of anxiety. That’s why I call it the magic pill.

Patrick Banks is a write from Berlin with 5 years of experience in dating and self help. You can learn more about him on Wingman Magazine.

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