Overcoming Misery by Treating Anxiety Attacks

by Reba
(Malvern, Arkansas)

Son leaving for Iraq resulted in my first Panic Attack

Son leaving for Iraq resulted in my first Panic Attack

I never had a panic attack in my life until the morning my son left for Iraq. We were standing in a group of family and friends when a man walked up to me and asked me my son’s name. I told the man my son’s name and he wrote it down. I asked him if he was making a prayer request list for the soldiers, and he turned to me and said,

"No, not all these boys are going to come home – I want to be able to keep up with the fatalities."

I felt like I had been kicked in the gut, my heart started racing, I couldn’t breath, I was shaking from head to toe – I started crying and cried all that day. I went to my family doctor who diagnosed me with panic attacks. I tried several prescription drugs.

Then I found Panic Away and after reading the book – unbelievably – I’ve only had one panic attack in the past year. I realized what was happening and was able to control the attack.

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