Panic Attack - Not a Pleasant Thing for Sure

by Elizabeth
(Woodbridge, NJ)

Calling friends helps me in dealing with anxiety attacks

Calling friends helps me in dealing with anxiety attacks

Here are my experiences in overcoming panic attacks. I never suffered a panic attack until I realized that I was being mentally abused by my now ex-husband. When I finally had the courage to leave and he was way out of reach, that is when I experienced my first panic attack.

Out of nowhere I would begin to experience the symptoms of panic attack. I could be reading a book, trying to perform my duties at work, or even sleeping. I would shake, sweat and hyperventilate.

I was scared and couldn't put my finger on the causes of these anxiety attacks, or why I was feeling this way. As the panic attacks became more frequent, I sought the help of a professional therapist.

I was prescribed Buspar as a treatment for anxiety attacks. I was able to analyze key events of my life with my therapist, to find the origins of my new disorder.

Even though it took about 2 years to stabilize, I was eventually weaned off the Buspar, and my therapist.

Now I combat any infrequent panic attacks, by phoning good friends and discussing the stressor that created the current attack. Talking with a professional or a real close friend or family member will ease your mind and stop panic attacks.

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