Panic Attacks and Public Places

by Angie
(Rolla, MO, USA)

Stalled public restrooms make me anxious

Stalled public restrooms make me anxious

Here are my experiences in having anxiety attacks in public places, and my efforts in overcoming these panic and anxiety attacks. I have sat in my car many times in a public parking lot and had a panic attack. Just thinking about going into a large store by myself gives me the anxiety "shakes".

I have found that the best panic attack treatment for me is a medication called Effexor. I still have to take Xanax on occasion, as a treatment for these anxiety attacks, but only in extreme situations. Effexor calms me down enough without making me completely "numb" and "mindless".

I also wear a rubber band on my wrist, so when I start becoming jittery, I pop it and give myself something else to think about. Sometimes I pop it so much that I start getting red marks, but it does take my mind off whatever is making me anxious, and that helps me a bit in dealing with anxiety attacks.

I have IBS, so using public restrooms is a must. There have been many times when I am not close to home, so I have actually driven around a city/town looking for a gas station with a single restroom (not stalls). I really get anxious when I have to use a stalled restroom with other people. I don't like others to hear me use the restroom.

As a way of overcoming panic attacks, I do try to push myself in certain situations - (I'm scared of heights, so I make myself go to high places) - especially when I have a support team around me, that knows how to handle my panic attacks.

I always make sure to carry my medication with me, and let whoever is with me know where it is located and how much to give me, if I can't do it myself. Hope these tips for panic attacks help others in similar situations.

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