Piracetam and Others to Improve Memory

by Mitch

Memory Vitamins and Supplements help me out a bit

Memory Vitamins and Supplements help me out a bit

I've tried a variety of different memory enhancing supplements over the past three or four years. I think the most effective one is Piracetam, which can be purchased in bulk powder form or as capsules. I buy the powder because it tends to be cheaper, though it doesn't taste good and can be a pain to prepare.

Within a few days of starting to use it, I immediately noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep. I tended to get to bed on time and sleep soundly for most of the night, instead of sleeping restlessly like I usually did. I think that alone might have helped boost my memory, but I'm pretty sure there was something else going on, too.

Other things I've tried which should work synergetically with Piracetam are Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, and regular vitamins for memory. The most important of those is a good B-complex and a multivitamin. You can also add Choline or Lecithin, and though I can't say I've noticed any direct effect from adding them - they're supposed to help in memory improvement, and they don't seem to have hurt any.

The downside is that it can get expensive. If you take large doses of all of these things, count on spending over a hundred dollars a month on supplements. And it's hard to tell for sure if the supplements are working, but if you're having memory problems it's worth to at least give them a try.

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