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Positive Parenting

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Being a parent is easy since you only need to have a child to be one. Being a good parent is what requires a lot. The problem is that most parents think that they are good parents until their children or somebody else points out their shortcomings as parents. That is when they realize they are not as perfect as they thought.

A child is fragile in that what you put into them, determines what and how they will be in future. That is why every parent could use positive parenting tips.

What makes a good parent? Discipline is one area that troubles many parents. How and when do you discipline a child? Discipline is not all about spanking and hitting your child. It is about correcting unwanted behavior. As one writer said, "a child is like a seedling. It should be pruned regularly and lovingly" this means you have to point out bad behavior immediately you see it. That is one of the positive parenting tips.

Talk to your child about the wrong thing, which he or she has done. Do not criticize the child; rather separate the deed from the doer. Before you get to a point of spanking (bearing in mind spanking rarely works in toddlers), you can impose disciplinary measures after warning has failed severally. A time out of maybe two minutes will work. You can also withdraw privileges like the T.V. Whatever you decide, be sure to set limits that are not supposed to be crossed by the child.

Other good parenting tips for a parent include teaching a child how to organize him or herself. It comes especially if there is a task e.g. Homework that needs to be done. Let the child know that all the supplies needed for the task should be assembled before the task begins. Help the child concentrate on the task. The most important thing here is that whatever the task, it should be completed.

Help the child to develop self-esteem. This positive parenting tip will help a child overcome the challenges in life especially when you are not there. Watch what you say to your child. If you tell the child that he cannot do something, then the child will grow up knowing that he is inferior because he cannot accomplish a certain task. If your child is having inaccurate beliefs about him/herself, redirect them affectionately.

There comes a time when your child experiences bullying in school. Be sure to talk to your child about it. Teach them to overcome the bullying. If it however goes on, intervene. Bullying will affect your child psychologically if ignored. Go to the child’s school and talk to the teacher or talk to the parent of the bully.

Your child also needs to be with you. Create special quality time with the child. They can talk to you about the day’s troubles. Take your time to listen. It helps a child know that he or she can count on you for anything.

Make your child feel useful. Let them help you somewhere. There are little things, which even the toddler can do, if you let them. Be the good parent your child will always admire by following positive parenting tips.

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