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what is positive self-talk?

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Self talk is nothing but the continuous stream of thought that goes on in our minds everyday, every minute of the day.

Positive self-talk is about giving that self talk a positive spin, by using positive phrases and words in those conversations we have with ourselves everyday.

why is self talk significant?

Our self talk represents the core of who we believe we are, deep inside - our strengths, our weaknesses, our interests, our dislikes, everything.

For instance, if we believe we are good at something, our self talk will typically be positive about it. We justify our success on that task based on that belief.

And in the event of an occasional failure, we don't dwell on it; we treat that failure as an isolated, temporary setback, or blame an external circumstance for that particular failure. We know we can turn it around, and get back on our feet if presented with that opportunity once again.

On the contrary, if we believe we are not good at something, our self talk will have a negative spin about it. We justify our failures on that task based on that belief.

And if we do run run into an occasional success, we downplay it by treating that success as an isolated, temporary chance; we don't believe we can easily duplicate that success a second time.

In other words, we think and feel, and eventually act, like the person we believe we are. And we use the incessant chatter that goes on in our head, called self talk, to reaffirm that belief every time.

why should our self-talk be positive?

Now, consider this: What if we can consciously change our internal dialogue to only reaffirm certain beliefs that we hold, and possibly change the rest of them?

That can be a powerful tool in our hands - the ability to slowly alter our beliefs to align with our overall success.

And that is exactly what a positive self-talk can do for us. By putting a positive spin on any negative dialogue going on within us, we have the potential to turn that negative belief around, and increase the likelihood of success in that area.

For, our beliefs affect our thoughts, our thoughts determine our feelings, shape our outlook, influence our attitudes, and ultimately decide our actions.

how to practice positive self-talk

According to some experts, as much as 77 percent of the average person's self-talk is negative. But the good news is, there is plenty of scope for improvement.

The first step in making your self-talk positive, is to make a conscious effort to become aware of our thoughts in the first place.

The moment you hear yourself having a negative thought, put a pause to it. Can that be expressed using positive phrases?

In all your internal exchanges with yourself, consider any setbacks that you are bound to run into on your path to success, as isolated and short-term, and not permanent. Try to externalize the bad things, and internalize the good things that happen along the road.

Such a shift in our thought process will likely take some time, and need some practice. But the rewards will be well worth the time and effort. Making positive self-talk our natural mode of functioning will improve the odds of success happening in our lives, sooner than later.

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