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Power Of Positive Thinking

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What do motivational speakers, life coaching and personal growth experts around the world, always try to impress upon us? Many things, of course, but to sum it up in one phrase - it's the power of thinking positively.

What's being positive?

Being Positive is an outlook in life in which thinking daily positive thoughts, and using positive words in daily language, becomes the habit, priority and guiding philosophy in one's life.

whY be positive?

The power of positive thinking is all about how our lives would change for the better, as a consequence of merely changing our thinking. Here are 3 reasons that illustrate why we should invoke this positive power in ourselves:


Imagine all the times you were complaining about somebody or something - all of those negative feelings were leaving their mark on you in the form of stress.

A lot of times, an occasional complaint may seem like an instant stress reliever. But what about such an attitude in the long run?

Getting into the habit of constant grousing, particularly over trivialities or things not directly in our control (like other people's attitude, for instance), is a sure fire way to invite stress into our being.

Since stress feeds on negativity, reducing stress is a good reason to eliminate negativity and stay positive in our life.

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2. To Eliminate Worry

There will not be too many who say they enjoy being in a state of worry. While worry itself has adverse affects on us, like yes, more stress again, the feeling of worry is not something most of us relish.

Thinking positively, and using positive words and phrases in our internal dialogue with ourselves and with others, is known to actually reduce feelings of worry. And along with it, the feelings of frustration, disappointment or other negative emotions that accompany it are also reduced, if not fully eliminated.

Of course there will be times - like health, financial or personal security situations - when it is quite natural to experience the feelings of worry. It is important to realize that positive thinking is not a universal prescription to eliminate all kinds of worries from our life.

But, here is where a positive mental attitude scores:

It frees up our creative mind to enable us to possibly come up with a solution to our problem - where none seemed in sight before - or at least get us to compromise with the situation, a lot quicker than otherwise.

Most of situations we experience in our life can easily do without the nagging worry tagging along; and power of positive thinking helps you get there quicker.

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3. To Overcome Fear

This is the last, but certainly not the least important of the benefits of a positive attitude. Less fear translates to more self confidence, and a more positive self esteem. This reason alone is worth the "price of admission" into the the "daily positive thoughts" mindset.

Imagine what a more confident YOU can do! And imagine the wonders a positive self esteem can do for YOU!

Fear gnaws at our self esteem, and erodes our self confidence like nothing else; and worse, sometimes these fear escalates into anxiety as well.

Positive mindset helps you face your fears - slowly but surely - and lets you do the things you fear, and that helps in improving your self confidence.

With the improved power of confidence, you can repeat your performance a little better next time, and that reduces your fear even further - confidence builds on itself - until the fear is completely gone; but remember, it all begins with a single positive thought.

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