Power Of Thinking Positively

by Jay

Think Positive, Stay Positive

Think Positive, Stay Positive

Thinking and staying positive is one of the biggest assets a man can have. Our thoughts are our incessant company and they seem to work like undercurrents in a river, guiding our entire selves in an inevitable flow, the direction of which the surface waters have no control over.

They seem to have the meditative affect of constant prayer, often making things come true that we hold to our innermost selves. In other words, people who think positively attract positive outcomes, while people who focus on worst case scenarios seem to attract exactly those events that they fear the most.

It is my nature to evaluate the absolute worst case scenarios for a given decision and take the decision only if I can live with the scenarios. However, it is also my nature to keep evaluating and re-evaluating the scenarios at every juncture even after the decision was taken.

What I had not realized was that my constant rumination of the worst case scenarios was probably acting like a prayer where I was inviting the exact same events to happen, and for which I was unknowingly preparing myself for!

I dreaded the responsibility of having kids after I got married and constantly drifted away from any discussions until my wife told me she was pregnant just months after our marriage. An accident heavily dented our brand new car only a couple of days after we purchased it. I lost my job just days after we paid a huge advance to getting our home constructed. I had unbelievable financial losses because I invested in the "right things at the wrong time".

And the list just goes on. I had no control over the outcome of any of these events and the outcome could have been either way. However, somehow the end results gravitated towards what I had categorized as "the worst case scenario".

Today I am standing at cross roads again ready to make another major decision, whose outcome I have no control over. It promises bliss if everything goes well, but the worst case scenario is, well, just that!

But one thing has certainly changed - my attitude. While it may be foolish to make decisions without thinking through the worst case scenarios, it is downright dumb to think and act as if that scenario has already happened.

We all hear cases where people came out of worst possible situations by simply staying positive and refusing to lose faith. A friend of mine fought cancer by simply refusing to give up. And another friend laughed off failure in crucial college examinations by refusing to lose faith in himself - and he went on to become faculty at a prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

They are not just one-off miracles - they are examples of the power our minds have over our destiny. They are the examples of power of courage to will and power of conviction to pursue it - the power of positive thinking. Staying positive is bound to attract the best case scenario.

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