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Raw Food Weight Loss Diet

Of the many weight loss solutions and weight loss systems available today, a raw food diet weight loss program is one of the healthiest.

There are some people that want to lose weight quickly and naturally without dietary aids, and if that is you, then the raw food weight loss diet can be your choice for healthy weight loss.

Why Raw?

Raw, uncooked foods has live enzymes that help you lose weight, and the fat liquidating enzymes help your body's digestion, in addition to detoxifying and cleansing the system.

Your body is better able to fight off depression and illnesses or disease. You have more energy and vitality, along with freedom to eat as many raw foods as it takes to make you feel fuller, because of lower calorie counts.

How Can Raw Food Help You Lose Weight?

The first thing to consider about the raw food weight loss diet is there are many fruits, nuts and vegetables on the diet, which are higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. There are some people that consider this primarily a vegetarian diet, but there are some advantages to your health, by eating foods in the raw state.

Cooking destroys the live enzymes in foods that boost your body's ability to maintain better balance in all of the crucial areas.

These enzymes are crucial to your waste elimination, digestive and glandular systems, your vital organs, emotions and sleep patterns. These are important parts of healthy weight loss. You are more satisfied because foods taste better and you probably won't miss cooking, once you have started a raw food weight loss program.

Raw food is a viable alternative for many people that need to lose weight, and it is part of a healthy remedy for natural detoxification, boosting metabolism and giving you more energy.

A Sample Raw Food Diet Plan

A sample raw food weight loss diet plan might include your favorite fruits for breakfast. Many people on the raw food diet weight loss plan will purchase juicers because you can make great smoothies with favorites like strawberries, blueberries, bananas or pears. You can include vegetables by making homemade V8 juice by juicing carrots, beets, celery, tomato, apples and adding a dash of lemon juice.

Consider lunch and dinner options like Gazpachos (fruits or vegetable soups that can be eaten cold). Fish, poultry and beef can be "cooked" in lemon juice and herbs, by slicing raw meat thinly and curing, known, as a Carpaccio.

Negative calorie vegetables include broccoli, cabbage and asparagus. Some people will make a lettuce salad, topped with sliced strawberries and walnuts, or a waldorf-style salad with apple, grapes, walnuts and yogurt with live cultures. Even raw fish, such as sushi style California rolls, sashimi and sushi-quality tuna are favorites on a raw food diet plan.

Your Own Raw Food Diet Plan

When you are making up innovative diet plans using raw food diet, proteins can come from nuts, such as walnuts and almonds or soy-based products like edamames, while live enzymes are found in yogurts. There are many different fruits and vegetables you might not have ever tried, so experimenting is part of the fun. You can eat as much as you want on a raw food weight loss diet because there is no need for calorie counting or starvation fasting. Not only will you lose weight, but you will feel more satisfied, healthier and have more energy.

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