Relationship Problems and The Bigger Picture

by Felecia Townsend
(United States)

Embrace your relationship problems instead of ignoring them

Embrace your relationship problems instead of ignoring them

When you're faced with a problem of some kind in your relationship, there is the tendency to crush, or defeat the problem, as if the problem itself was the real enemy.

Problems, whether they be related to your work, your family, or an intimate relationship, are a natural occurrence to living. Without problems, there would be no time for personal introspection, growth, forgiveness, accepting responsibility, or spiritual evolution.

When problems arise in your relationship, you can choose to either ignore them or embrace them. Through careful, and sometimes tedious, exploration problems become the ground work for a much higher self-awareness.

Relationship problems are there to teach you something about yourself and the people surrounding you. The stress and drama that feeds into a broken relationship can be unearthed and healed, if only people would take the time to invest in their own spiritual and emotional health.

Life is hard but a lot of the problems you and I encounter on a daily bases are problems we personally inject into our lives due to our own immaturity. Too often, we spend an inordinate amount of time searching for love, or for an easier way to save a relationship, when what is needed is an inward attention.

Fact is, there is no one solution to the relationship problems that you currently have because problems vary based on the people involved. The best response to solving a problem you might have in a relationship, or in your life in general, is to be present with the problem and to be present in finding a solution.

You can't control the behavior or actions of another but you do have control of you and your actions. You are the necessary ingredient to embracing any problem that you might encounter. Dealing with problems require your time, focus, and commitment, if they are to be examined properly and bid a friendly farewell.

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