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Self Esteem Games

Signs of low self esteem manifest as social anxiety, public speaking fear, and in many other ways. Similar in purpose to self esteem worksheets, activities, and audios, these games serve as great tools that help in overcoming low self esteem.

Game 1: Positive Feedback From Others

This self esteem game is a group game that can be entertaining, as well as provide us an insight into all the wonderful things others may think about us, that we may not know. The more the number of people in the group, the more fun this game can become. All we need are several index cards, and a pen or pencil.

step 1

Every one takes as many index cards each, as there are people in the group (excluding oneself).

step 2

On each index card, write the name of one person from the group. At the back of the card, write at least TWO positive things about that person.

Take a second to think through here, and figure out the best qualities that you really like about the person you are writing about. Do this for every person in the group, until all your index cards are done.

step 3

Once everyone is done writing in a similar fashion, put all the index cards in a box and shuffle them.

step 4

Then one person picks up an index card from the box, reads out aloud the name of the person on the card, turns it around, and reads the two positive things that are written about that person.

You can let one designated person pick all the cards from the box, or have the box go around and everyone gets a chance to pick one card at a time.


This game is an excellent opportunity to hear positive feedback about ourselves that we may not normally get to hear, as well as give such a feedback to others.

Either way, you get the much deserved boost to your self esteem.

Game 2 - Positive Feedback From Yourself

The previous game focused on getting positive feedback about us from others, and giving such a feedback to others.

This self esteem game, which is a converse of the previous one, is about giving positive feedback about ourselves to others. This self esteem game is a group game as well, and the more the merrier.

step 1

Each person identifies a position or a role in society, that they may occasionally fantasize seeing themselves in or as. We all have such ideas or dreams about ourselves.

It may be something simple enough like being a school teacher, to maybe a popular movie star, or even the president of your country - whatever it is that you like to visualize yourself in, or see yourself as.

step 2

All of these positions or roles, in this game, are appointed by majority vote, by an expert panel - the panel being the rest of the group.

Your job is to tell them why you think you are the best possible candidate for the position or role you desire, and why the panel members should vote for you. You can use any of the tools at your disposal to convince them.

You can prepare a poster or a catchy slogan about yourself, deliver a speech with all your positive attributes, write your own song or eulogy about yourself - get as creative as you can, to get the vote, and the job.

step 3

Once everyone gets done with their "presentations", there can be several discussion points about how each participant felt during the presentation - how easy or difficult was it to come up with your positive attributes, speak about them in public, and market yourselves before others.

We hope you find these self esteem games enjoyable as well as useful. These games can help reinforce your positive attributes to yourself, and this in turn, can help you become more accepting of yourself - which is the essential foundation for positive self esteem.


While games are a great way to improve self esteem when you're with other people, you can achieve your self esteem goals just by yourself too.

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