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Self Esteem Lesson Plans

Having high self esteem is essential for a happy life. Low self esteem can interfere with everything from your job to your family life. No matter how your problems began, there are a few exercises and self esteem lesson plans you can start using right away to improve yourself.

Low self esteem can eventually lead to depression, overeating and poor quality of life. Opportunities are missed and before you know it, your life has passed you by, all because of your poor self image.

Your self esteem can also get in the way of your personal relationships, as well as the way others view you. If you think of yourself as someone who doesn't deserve the good things in life, that is the image you will project, thus causing the world to become convinced that no, you are not worthy. Likewise, if you view yourself as unattractive, people will sense that and possibly even begin to believe it as well, even though it's not true.

Positive Affirmations

One of the first self esteem lesson plans you can start right away to improve your perception of yourself, is to start thinking the exact opposite of what you do now. Maybe you've heard of the power of positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are simply positive self-talk.

Here is what you need to do:

Think through all the negative opinions and beliefs you have about yourself, and life in general. For each negative thought you have about yourself, think and come up with a way to put a
positive spin to it, and list it down on a piece of paper. For example, your current belief may be, "I'm never going to find anyone to love me." Instead say, "Everyone loves me because I am lovable."

Read this positive list out to yourself everyday, preferably first thing in the morning, and/or just before going to bed. Do it everyday. The great thing about positive affirmation is that it doesn't even require that you believe it's true, at least initially; all you have to do is try it. Over time, the things that you say over and over to yourself will become your new beliefs.

Don't worry - you are not alone - there are millions of people that suffer from low self esteem issues. Part of the problem is most likely because you have surrounded yourself with negative people. Perhaps the people you grew up around had a limited belief system, and didn't see the positive side of life. Another reason why people develop low self esteem is because they have failed at something, and have resorted to beating themselves up so badly that their negative thoughts have become a new way of life.

Setting Goals

Another lesson plan that will work to improve your life, is to start setting small goals for yourself that you know you can achieve. Write them down in a piece of paper, and stick it where you can see it everyday. For example, your goals do not have to be huge or unrealistic, but merely things such as cleaning the entire house in two days, running a mile every other day, washing your car, going out and trying to look for a job, etc.

As you finish each goal, strike them off the list. Setting small, achievable, everyday goals will help to re-establish your faith in your abilities, and make you realize that you are capable of making things happen. Eventually, smaller goals will become easier to accomplish, and a part of your everyday life. And when you cross-off everything in your list? Time for a new list.

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No one has to continue living with low self esteem. After a while, everyone can get down in the dumps, and that is why it is important to practice self esteem lesson plans so that you can take control of your life again, and finally be happy, and view yourself as someone who is important, lovable, beautiful and capable - which is who you really are!

In addition to self esteem lesson plans, you can also use hypnosis audios designed specifically to help build self esteem.

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