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Typical Questions in Self Esteem Worksheets and Sample Worksheets

Fear of public speaking, fear of asserting yourself, social anxiety - signs of low self esteem manifest themselves in many ways. There are plenty of courses, worksheets, and other tools, that can help you feel better about yourself.

Self Esteem Worksheets can serve as an excellent resource to get you started on the path to better self esteem. Like self esteem assessment tests, worksheets are also self help tools - whose objective is to identify areas of low self esteem.

Questions Found in Self Esteem Worksheets

While the actual questions found in self esteem assessments and worksheets vary across the board, they usually fall into TWO typical categories:

1. know yourself

  • What do you think about your appearance? Are you happy about the way you look? Do you think you have less attractive features than others, in general? Or more?
  • What do you think are your physical or intellectual skills, or your positive personality traits? What about your weaknesses - skills or personality traits that you think you lack, that may be needed for more successful, happier life?
  • How about your career, or your other achievements? Are you happy about where you are in your career and life, right now? Are you proud of your current position, or achievements?
  • Or do you feel you haven't reached up to your potential yet? If so, why do you think so? Do you generally feel you are not good enough to do certain things? Are you afraid to try new stuff because you think you might just bungle it all up?

2. know about your interactions with others

  • If you are married or otherwise committed to another individual, are you happy within your marriage or relationship?

    A relationship could also mean any other generic relationship, in which another person is involved - like your work relationship with your colleagues.
  • Is there any dissatisfaction arising from your association in any of your relationships? If so, why do you think?
  • Is it because you find it difficult to assert yourself in your relationship, or in social situations?
  • Is it a common occurrence that you are talked into doing things you don't want to do?
  • Do you find yourself frequently apologizing for your actions, in any of your interactions with your partner, or others?

Answering the above questions to the best of our ability, in quiet surroundings that ensure reflection and maximum concentration, can give us a good picture of how we see ourselves.

That knowledge and insight can then help us point to areas that might need some improvement.

Maintaining Lists of Our Positives

Self Esteem worksheets can further focus on remedying certain low self esteem situations, with few more suggestions along the following lines:

  • Listing our accomplishments - even not so big ones - like passing high school.
  • Listing compliments and positive feedback that we receive from others.
  • Listing our skills - even relatively overlooked ones - like driving a car. If you can't find many, asking others is a good idea, as you may be surprised at all the good things they may say about you.
  • Listing your positive personality traits - even little ones - like being extra patient with elderly who cross the street. Or listing the positive adjectives that you or others use to describe you.
  • And putting a positive spin to the negative things you say about yourself, or hear others say about you - and rewriting them in a positive way. Like saying "I tend to details very well", instead of saying "I am picky".

Such continued positive feedback is essential for self esteem building, so it is a good idea to keep such lists close by; this lets us quickly look at them to bring up our morale, during the times we feel a bit low about ourselves.

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There is a link to some sample worksheets in the tools and resources section below. But over time, it is also a good idea to get into the habit of developing your own self esteem worksheets, tailored to your specific needs, as that can increase their effectiveness.

Once such worksheets help you drill down your exact self esteem issues, it becomes easier to address them.

Just like worksheets, listening to self hypnosis audios is another tool
you can use by yourself, to help overcome low self esteem.

These sessions are typically available for instant download, and are
designed to resolve many specific self esteem issues. Learn more

more self esteem tools and resources



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