Self Hypnosis CDs can be a great way to deal with stress

by Mahmud

Self Hypnosis CDs helped my friend with stress and confidence

Self Hypnosis CDs helped my friend with stress and confidence

My friend purchased a CD on self hypnosis, and here is how it helped him deal with stress and anxiety, as well as my own discovery of the changes within him.

Initially once he started narrating his positive experiences with self hypnosis CDs, I did not believe most of his descriptions. Later on I marked the changes in him, and then was more interested in learning about his experience.

The self hypnosis CD was in MP3 format, and the instructions were moderately clear. On the very first attempt, it was generally difficult to follow those instructions. After 2 to 3 hearings, the instructions got a bit clear, and he said that he was able to follow them. Practicing those techniques really helped him relieve his stress, and he started behaving better as well.

He repeatedly requested all our friends to practice the self hypnosis programs for relieving the stresses of our day to day life, and also for other personal development benefits. He also used to tell us that his confidence level has increased drastically, after using the self hypnosis CDs.

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