Settling and Staying Motivated in a New Job

by Rashmi
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Being motivated and positive at work

Being motivated and positive at work

It so happened that I had to switch over to a new job as soon as I got married, since we both were working for the same company. And it was also an entirely new profession which I had entered into - I was an Executive Secretary in my earlier job, and here in my new job I was absorbed for the position of a Graphics Operator; basically I had to clear all the aptitude and English tests, which I did and finally got into the job.

I found the job interesting, and being a good learner, was able to learn things very quickly from my trainer - and he has also become a very good friend of ours (my husband and me) now. I was known for my quality work, and the dedication with which I worked. My training time got over and I was so happy, since it was like college days with new set of friends, and just learning for a month - no deadlines, no work tension, and only fun and learning. Finally time came for us to be split into teams, and we were all sent to different teams as per the suggestion of our trainer.

I was put into another country's team, and we were all meant to be Power Point Specialists. My challenge started then. I was put in the late shift which means I had to go to work from 2 - 10 p.m.; and my group leader was working in the early shift from 6 - 2 p.m. It so happened that there was also no formal introduction of me to my team members. My group leader used to just smile at me while I went to work, give me practice charts, and she would disappear as her shift timings would have been over by the time I reached office. This continued for almost a month.

My acting group leader used to give me comments and guide me. There was no interaction between the team members, and everyone had their work to do, and they hardly so much as smiled at me even when meeting face to face; it was so disappointing, that I used to daily come home and tell my husband that I would like to quit my job, as I didn't like to work in an environment like that. He would motivate me by saying that I always did a good job in my earlier company, and as time goes by, I would definitely shine here in this new job as well.

I used to work sincerely and always used to be on time for work, and used to act in a very professional manner. I hardly used to talk to people, and started concentrating on my work alone. It happened that after 5 months of my service in this team, that there was a new recruitment in the team, and only then my group leader formally introduced him and me to the whole team, and my shift timing was also changed to an earlier shift.

That was a real break - I started talking closely with all the team members, and even though they didn't call me for breakfast when they went, I took the initiative and joined them my own, and slowly broke the ice; slowly they all started talking to me, and then finally I was given a permanent confirmation of my position, and was appreciated for all the good job done during my probation time.

My group leader told that she had asked for a male member into the team, and she was really upset that me being a female was allotted to the team, as the team was in need of a person who would work for the night shift; but said she is very happy now of getting me, because of the quality work I delivered, and my sincerity.

I took it as a challenge, and when they said that ladies can also work in night shift, it was me who first opted to work in the night shift in our team, and everyone appreciated that. Finally before leaving the job, I became the night shift coordinator for my team as well.

Thus a little patience, hard work and dedication paved way for my successful job career. I was happy to have achieved that distinction, at which point I had to resign to take charge of my family life. Still when I think of those days, I feel really proud and motivated and look to life in a positive perspective, that I can achieve anything I want in life.

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