Sid Vicious and Jonny Rotten

by Daniel Couzins
(New Hampshire)

My Way

These two are the ultimate in successful rebellion and making something out of nothing - and I mean literally! These are two of the most iconic musicians of the 1970s - and Rotten couldn't sing and Sid couldn't play guitar. They became successful through sheer attitude and resilience.

They even made it to number one in the charts on the Queen's silver jubilee - this was such an embarrassment that it was covered up, and the coveted number one spot awarded to another contender.

They sung what they believed, wore what they wanted and defined a whole genre of music. There could hardly be a greater achievement, especially with such impoverished backgrounds. Sid was born to a drug addict, and Rotten was cast out on the streets in his teens. When you are down on your luck, just remember these two and all they did.

Tragically, Sid died in New York city while still in his twenties, but his memory is a beacon of how someone with so little can achieve so much in such a short space of time. So each time you turn on the radio and hear the likes of NOFX or Greenday, just remember who made it all possible.

Each time I listen to Sid's version of "My Way", I have all the inspiration I need!

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing about your idols. I've posted the video of "My Way" here for you.

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