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According to a German study, the content of our dreams is affected by our exposure to pleasant or unpleasant smells while sleeping.

Researchers report that, when people were subject to unpleasant smells while sleeping, like that of rotten eggs, their dreams turned unpleasant as well; and conversely, those who were subject to fragrance of roses had more pleasing dreams!

Isn't it amazing that subtle smells may have such an impact on what we dream?

a few more quick dream facts

We typically dream for only about a couple of hours a night, during our REM sleep stage. That comes to 3 to 5 dreams a night on average, and each dream lasts about 5 to 20 minutes on average.

And the reason why many of us don't remember most of our dreams? Because 50% of our dream is forgotten in the first 5 minutes following our dream; and 90% is forgotten in the next 5 minutes!

So, unless we become awake during the REM stage when the dream is occurring, chances are, we'll forget about it when we wake up next.

A specific case of becoming awake in REM stage of sleep is sleep walking, or REM Sleep Disorder. Conversely, if the brain wakes up completely from sleep, but the body retains the REM paralysis, it's called Sleep Paralysis.

If you are having difficulty entering the wonderful world of dreams because of the incessant chatter in your head that prevents you from falling asleep, try listening to soothing self hypnosis audios that can relax your body and mind every night before bedtime, so you can quickly slip into sleep in a natural manner.

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