Make It Personal - Know Your Own Reasons for Quitting

You know you want to quit smoking.

But do you know WHY?

For many people who are trying to quit smoking, it helps to have a list of reasons why - a kind of map that you can turn back to when the going gets tough.

What are YOUR reasons to quit?

- You want to add more years to your life, by decreasing your health risks.

- You want to stop spending money on cigarettes, and save that extra spending money for yourself.

- You want to prove to yourself that you can meet this challenge.. so you can go on to improving your lifestyle in other ways.

- You want to experience more natural energy, better health, and better quality of life.

- You want to model healthy living for your children and grandchildren.

- (insert your own reasons here - and keep the list)

Whatever your reasons are, you should write them down and keep them close. Have them in front of you. Repeat them to yourself again and again. Keep a 3"x5" card in your pocket or purse with the list. In doing so, you'll be laying the psychological groundwork to make quitting easy.

As we thought about the importance of wanting to quit smoking, we realized that The Non-Smoker's Edge, a comprehensive hypnosis program for smoking cessation, perfectly demonstrates those principles.

The Non-Smoker's Edge uses new techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical hypnosis to help you truly want to quit smoking... with your mind, body, and soul. Using a holistic approach, it helps you keep your goal in mind at all times.

And not just your goal, but the reasons for this goal.

Desire is critical to action. Maybe that's why multi-session hypnosis has a 66% success rate at helping people quit smoking. That's higher than any other smoking cessation method that there is.

To learn more about hypnosis for smoking cessation in general, and The Non-Smoker's Edge in particular, see this page:

The publisher, The Hypnosis Network, guarantees the results for a full year. If you're not satisfied, you can return the program for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping. And right now they're offering a great deal for our readers - $50 off the regular price. You can get the whole program (7 CDs) for only $99.

Make your list of reasons. And then make the next move to quit.

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