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by Brittney Short 
(Illinois, USA)

Soy Milk and pills help my memory

Here is what I do to improve memory. Everyday when I wake, up I walk into my bathroom around 8 am and open the medicine cabinet. Inside the medicine cabinet is a bottle of soy pills. I take two soy pills a day. I take one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. 

Psychologists have studied that taking a soy pill everyday, twice a day, will improve your cognitive memory and slow you memory loss. Soy pills are beneficial, but soy milk does better than anything else. 

I do not like the taste of soy milk, but the effect of this bean liquid is phenomenal. I am currently a full time student at a community college, and before I started taking the soy milk and the soy pills, I didn't do my tests very well. I am now receiving a B average thanks to the professional psychologists who proved this theory. 

I learned about taking the soy milk and pills in my psychology class. I am not going through menopause, like most women that take soy pills and drink soy milk, but I still enjoy the benefits. I used to really struggle with remembering everything I needed to do for the day, and my prior obligations that weren't enjoyable for myself, but I do not struggle at all with these problems anymore. 

Aside from the benefits of taking soy, my handy dandy cell phone has also helped me out. I love the alarm clock on my cell phone, which wakes me up in the morning, to remind me to take my medicine. I also love the timer tool on my cell phone that reminds me when important events are coming up. When I have a speech coming up, or a psychology exam, I would forget everything I need to bring if it weren't for my cell phone notes tool.

These are the three things that help me out the most with my cognitive memory. I hope that my memory tips will benefit others in the future.

Editor's Warning:

I've seen reports linking soy products to memory loss as well. Here is one such report at UPI.com, which cites a British research linking regular intake of soy to memory loss.

So it may be a good idea to check with a physician before embarking on this diet.

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