Steps for Learning Not to Panic


Talking with a friend or counsellor can help

Talking with a friend or counsellor can help

I had never really believed that people have panic attacks. I thought, "What could be so stressful that it would make you lose such control of your emotions." Then one day, out of the blue, I had a panic attack. I mean, I actually got so nervous that I started to get physically ill!

If you are having panic attacks, I encourage you to:

1. Get yourself out of the stressful situation as soon as you can.

2. Breathe very slow and deeply. Quick shallow breaths won't do here. You must breathe in, very slow and deeply. Then breathe out very slow and deeply.

3. Repeat step 2 at least three times.

4. After you have calmed down, analyze your behavior.

- What made you panic?

- Was the thing that made you panic, a current fear or something remembered from childhood.

If the panic results from a current reality, then face the person or circumstance squarely. The sooner you face the "issue", the more likely you are to resolve the problem. If the panic results from a childhood memory, you will need a loved-one or a counselor to listen to you, and help you work through the frustration, pain, or guilt that is causing the anxiety.

5. Do whatever you have to do to get past the situation - talk through the problem, write about it, sing about it, draw out your frustrations.

6. Finally, begin to work on responding to situations, and not reacting.

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