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Stress affects all of us. Stress headaches, stress and depression - the symptoms of stress run a long list. It does not matter how old or young we are, we all are affected by stress. Stress can age us, stress can affect our moods, stress can land us in the emergency room.

Its one thing to say eliminate the stress in our lives, but how can one eliminate work, family or traffic? What we can do is find ways to relieve the affect of stress in our lives. The best way to do this is with stress relief exercise.

We all know how important exercise is, we hear it from our doctors and we see it on Oprah. But how many of us take the time from our stressful lives to actually put in the effort? With stress relief exercise not only are you relieving stress, but you are becoming a healthier you. How does that happen? There are many things at work that contribute to relieving stress:

1. Detoxifying 2. Anger Management 3. Meditation 4. Deep Thought
5. Strong Immune System 6. Sleep Improvement 7. Reduced Boredom
8. Heightened Awareness 9. Reduce Tension in Muscles 10. Endorphins

All of these items are related to stress in your body and how it affects you. When you incorporate stress relief exercise into your life, you will see great improvement in all of these areas. You don't need to spend a huge chunk of time on these exercises; anywhere between 10-30 minutes a day will go to improve the affects of stress in your life. Make sure you pick an exercise that you like, based upon your preference, fitness level and lifestyle.

5 stress relief exercises to get you started

tai chi

Tai chi is a low impact exercise that is great for all ages. Tai chi uses slow body movements to achieve relaxation, concentration and focuses on circulating energy through the body. Tai chi began in the martial arts, and became today a way to reduce stress and calm the mind.

progressive muscle relaxation (pmr)

This exercise is easy and doesn't take a lot of time to perform. The way PMR works, is that you tense or tighten various muscles in your body, and then release them. You start with tensing the muscles in your face, then release, and then repeat the procedure throughout the rest of your body.


Aerobics aids to get your heart rate up, your body in shape, and it is a great stress relief exercise. This will get the endorphins moving which will create a feeling of euphoria. Ideally you will want to do an aerobic set that is least 20 minutes, as endorphins increase in physical activity lasting 20 minutes or longer.


Yoga has been around for centuries, thousands of years to be more accurate. Yoga is a tried and true form of exercise that will greatly reduce the affects of stress in your life. The techniques focus on breathing, meditation, imagination and movement. An added benefit is that through Yoga you will also gain flexibility and lean muscles. Yoga is a favorite among millions.


This is the easiest form of exercise available. You can walk by yourself, with the dog, your friends, or strap the baby in the stroller and go for a stroll. Walking is a great way to reduce stress since you get to inhale the fresh air and marvel at the beauty of nature. While walking may not feel like exercise, it is.

If you want to improve on above stress relief exercises, here are a couple more of popular choices:

  • Working out with Stamina Pilates Magic Circle can be a great low-cost alternative, as this is a versatile exercise accessory that lets you exercise even while sitting, and can be used almost anywhere. It comes with an instructional and workout DVD.
  • If you are into fitness equipment, you may be interested in the Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine, which is another great equipment, especially if you are short on workout space. Rowing is a low-impact workout that exercises all major parts of your body, and also an effective aerobic exercise that increases your metabolism.

To get the maximum benefit out of your exercises, it is important to reach and maintain your target heart-rate for at least 30 minutes.

There are pretty good heart rate monitors available these days, like the Polar Heart Rate Monitor for women, and the Omron Heart Rate Monitor for men, that can help you keep up with your exercise goals.

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