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Stress Relief Exercises and activities

Guest Article by Jim Rollince from gymsource.com

Stress relief and exercise are linked together in many ways! Stress can be successfully managed with the correct amount of mental and physical exercise. Stress can manifest itself in different ways on the body. Stress can come out in the form of anxiety, sadness, and even fear. However, it is possible to learn to manage stress through exercise. Below are a few suggestions for coping with stress each time you feel it coming on.

Depression, anger, headaches; these are all brought on by stress. Yet, if you are able to understand your body’s responses quickly enough - you can combat these unpleasant side effects through stress relief exercises. If you begin to feel an emotion brought upon by stress, stop and take a moment to breathe. Try taking a brisk jog, 30-minute run, or even walk - exercise increases the blood, glucose, oxygen-flow to your brain. As your energy is enhanced, your head clears and you are able to manage your stress better.

Listen to music! Music has the capacity to effectively relieve stress. In studies music has been found to reduce heart rates and even increase body temperature. When you feel stress taking over your mind and body, try going into a room and playing music with a slow rhythm. The sound machines sold by Sharper Image offer users the option of playing relaxing sounds of nature like waves rolling on the beach or soothing sounds of the jungle. Remember that when using music to combat stress, it is important to concentrate on your breathing patterns, slow deep breaths in combination with slow tempo music will wash your stress away.

Meditation and yoga are two forms of new age exercise that engage both your physical body and mind. Meditation and yoga are based on principles of balance and stress relief. Meditation and yoga classes are available at local studios and gyms all over the country. Yet, one can begin to experience the positive effects of meditation right now, in the comfort of their own home. Begin by choosing a quiet environment, find a comfortable position, and begin to concentrate on a meaningful idea or word that will assist in focusing your thoughts.

The most important point to keep in mind when finding mechanisms for coping with stress, whether through physical or mental activity - these mechanisms need to be engaged in on a regular basis. These mechanisms need to become habits, a part of your lifestyle.

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