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Stress tips on how to take it easy in life

How to deal with stress? Preventing stress is the best way to deal with it. Aside from reducing negativity and avoiding unnecessary worry, taking everything that happens around us in an easy and lighthearted manner, is the best way to prevent stress.

Of course, we all run into things that demand much more of our attention and emotion every now and then; but it's important not to get worked up over trivial stuff that does happen, much more often than that.

stress prevention rule 3: take it easy

This is probably the easiest of all the rules, yet not many people take full advantage of all the stress tips provided here. Too many people sweat the small stuff and get stressed out unnecessarily, by not taking things easily enough.

How do you get into the "easy mode" of life?

  • Don't set rigid rules for yourself. Be flexible. Compromise. Don't be a perfectionist, if it means tying your self esteem to all those rules, or stressing out on little itsy-bitsy things.

  • Let each day and each moment come by in its own pace. Learn to take things as they come by.

    Things didn't go as planned? Make a new plan. Realize that nothing in this world is written in stone. Remember the old adage "If anything can go wrong, it will"? Don't be too shocked when that happens.

  • Don't resist change when it comes knocking your door. Instead, welcome it, and embrace it. Change is the way of nature. By not adapting to change, you are naturally not adapting to life.

  • Don't be overly concerned about affairs of other people. If they haven't told you about it, chances are they didn't think it concerns you. This is one stress contributing factor we all can do without easily.

    And don't be too hard on their mistakes either. Realize that a mistake just makes them as much a human as you are.

  • Feel like things are moving too fast, or you are working too hard? Slow down, take a step back, and try looking at the big picture. The big picture being what is ultimately important to you in your life.

  • Feel like there are too many things to handle? Don't multitask in an effort to finish everything at once. Instead, prioritize. And do only ONE thing at a time, based on the priority.

    Alternatively, delegate a task or a portion of the task to someone else. Focus on only ONE thing at a time, and prioritizing, delegation and communication as a substitute to multitasking.

Keep all the above advice in perspective, however.

An occasional run into any situation that stresses you out it is quite normal and may not hurt much.

But being constantly stressed out due to any of the above factors, is what you need to watch out for.

Practice following these stress tips even if the situation is potentially not stress causing. Until they become your habits, and become a second nature to you.

In spite of our best shot with stress tips, there will be times when stress keeps popping its head like an uninvited guest. Why not try the self hypnosis to help you become more positive, and stop negative thoughts before they happen?

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