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common symptoms of panic attack

What would you do if you were in a public place or relaxing at home alone and suddenly an intense fear came over you, practically paralyzing you in the moment? There is no real threat anywhere around you, but your body and mind suddenly go into fight-or-flight mode and you feel as if you are in very real danger of something unknown.

That would likely terrify you to the point that your symptoms escalate more and more, which is commonly what happens when someone experiences their very first panic attack.

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder that can afflict literally anyone, so it is important for everyone to be aware of the main symptoms of panic attack, whether you have a history of anxiety or not.

The main symptom of panic attack is that strong sense of terror and intense danger when there is no threat. The exact symptoms that go along with it vary from person to person, but there is usually a mix of physical and mental symptoms of panic attack. Some people may feel one type of symptom more acutely than the other.

Physical Symptoms of Panic Attack

A panic attack could start off with some minor symptoms such as feeling like there is something stuck in your throat, mildly escalated heart rate, shivering cold or flushed, hot cheeks, or sweaty palms. A mild attack could stop there, but for many people an attack will escalate to more serious symptoms.

It is common for the heartbeat to speed up to the point it feels like your chest may burst open, and this can make it difficult to catch your breath. Some people may also sweat and/or shake excessively or get very sick to the stomach.

You may also lose your balance or feel unable to stand up and escape the situation. Some people may feel dizzy while others just feel unable to coordinate their body to move, almost as if frozen in one spot. This is usually tied in with some of the mental symptoms of panic attack highlighted below.

Mental Symptoms of Panic Attack

It is very common to feel disconnected from whatever is happening around you, as if you are watching from a distance but not directly involved. It is likely to be incredibly difficult to focus on anything or think rationally. Making decisions or answering someone talking to you will be difficult if not impossible.

If you do try to speak, you may sound incoherent, or your words may not make sense as you cannot collect your thoughts to speak normally. Some people report feeling as if someone else is speaking through their mouth due to the sensation of being disconnected from the situation at hand.

The Panic Attack Loop

Once you have an attack it is common to be fearful of it happening again, but that fear can actually lead to anxiety which then leads to panic attacks you might not have otherwise suffered. Similarly, if you experience minor tension or anxiety and have a fear of losing control to a panic attack, you could create the panic attack for yourself. The intense fear of losing control or having an attack is a common symptom of panic attack.

If you identify with some or most of these symptoms, consult a physician. If you know you are suffering from panic attacks, try natural treatment options like self hypnosiswhich can help you slowly wean away from medications. 

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