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Six Teen Weight Loss Tips

While there are many weight loss programs and weight loss solutions available for adults, you will not find many that target teens. Here are few healthy teen weight loss tips and ideas that might help.

Dreams, wishes and ambitions are some of the most beautiful aspects of a teen's life. The world becomes an oyster and the heart craves to explore everything that is there is to see. Strong emotions are a norm with all teens. A new sense of independence seems to dominate everything and they no longer want people to tell them what to do. Many teens tend to take to emotional eating, while some just love eating out with friends.

Whatever the case, diverting from the good old home made food is sure way to gain weight, which in turn can cause self esteem issues and image problems.

However, this can be remedied by following some teen weight loss tips:

1. Don't ever starve!

Most teens think that starvation is the key to a fit body. However, that is just not true. Not only will starvation lead to a loss of strength and immunity in the body, but also cause side effects like ungainly spots on the body. You don't want to look like an ugly waif, do you? Starvation makes you look just that.

Instead, fill your body with good and nutritious food that has a lot of fiber. This will help you to lose weight in a healthy manner.

2. Don't diet

Dieting is actually the way to gain weight. How? This is because, when you diet, you lose muscles. Muscles in the body help in burning calories even at rest. So, the depletion of muscles causes the body fat percentage to decrease, which in turn decreases the basal metabolic rate of the body.

Moreover, eventually, you tend to gain back all the lost weight sooner or later. This weight comes back in the form of fat, that further increases the fat composition of the body.

3. Eat small meals

Have you ever observed that no wild animal ever becomes overweight? This is because, they tend to eat small meals through out the day, and they keep moving about. Apply the same mantra and see the difference.

4. breakfast

People keep talking about the importance of breakfast. Breakfast literally means that- breaking the fast. According to the researches, you need to have something within an hour of your waking up. Don't have coffee or tea on an empty stomach because that suppresses your appetite. Instead, you can start with fruit or a slice of cheese or a sandwich. After two hours, you can opt for something substantial, and coffee too.

5. A day for your "cravings"

Like ice cream or pizza? Then keep a day like Sunday to indulge in your cravings. We cannot live like hermits but moderation is the key. Having a day like that can help you to remain on course for the rest of the week.

6. Exercise

Nothing can beat exercise when it comes to teen weight loss tips. Exercise is as important as breathing, eating and sleeping. Get up, move around and do something you like. Gardening, jogging, skiing, jumping or anything at all. The idea is to remain active.

These are just some teen weight loss tips that can help you to lose weight and remain smart and fit! You can also get in touch with one of these weight loss coaches live to discuss your specific situation right now.



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