The Beauty of Relationships

by Bala
(Palani, TN, India)

Accept your loved ones for what they are

Accept your loved ones for what they are

I have a long term relationship with my partner. I would like to share my thoughts on having a good relationship.

The first tip to have a long-lasting relationship with someone is to accept them fully. Never try to change their habits that they like to do always. Trust them. Never try to find faults with their activities. Do not suspect them at any point. The problem arises only when you find faults in their activities, or disturb them more while they are interested in doing something else. Be patient when you feel that something maybe going wrong with your dear ones. Because, if you get tensed up when your partner is emotional, it will only lead to problematic situations. It is very easy to go away from others, but it is harder to accept them for what they are. If we are not able to live with the person whom we like the most, then what else do we have to live for?

Just remind yourself the beautiful moments you had spent with your dear ones, during the times when they hurt you in some situations. The best way to avoid problems with our loved one is to remain silent during those times.

Relax your mind a little bit. Be happy, always. Always think that this is the first day you met her, and waiting to have her attention. Do not act like you know everything about her. Go out with her every week, and enjoy her company in different places. Do some mischievous acts, and make her feel that your every act is done for her. Remember, you are only living for those you love.

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