"The Voice" and Skillet

by April

Celtic Woman - The Voice

One of the most motivational songs that I’ve ever heard was Celtic Woman’s “The Voice”, sung by Lisa Kelly. It is not a well-known song, but it is dramatic in both tone and words. Lisa Kelly has a clear, beautiful voice and a great amount of vocal control. In this song, she alternates well between soft, gentle tones and dramatic calls to the audience.

In this song especially, she sings of the past as a living being that calls to the future, an inescapable reminder of the past that can be beautiful or ugly, uplifting or depressing, a wonderful dream or a hideous nightmare. The musical background is well-suited, with a violin providing powerful notes, and a drum beat with occasional cymbals creating a powerful rhythm.

This song is motivational in many ways. Musically, this song is a musical delight and memorable, without having to constantly depend on sex or volume to keep people intrigued. Emotionally, this song motivates the listener to remember events from their past, or look to the future for more experiences. Spiritually, this song offers a wonderful chance to relax, and simply allow the weight of whatever is happening to be shed.

As a group, Skillet is a very inspirational group. Similar to Celtic Woman’s “The Voice”, Skillet offers music with powerful lyrics and catchy titles, such as “Whispers in the Dark” or “Comatose”. Although at first glance, the titles sound depressing, Skillet is focused on life, not death. An interesting fact is that although Skillet is a Christian band, the songs only mention religion a handful of times, and very rarely as more than one or two lines or references.

The songs by Skillet vary in tempo, from slow to fast, and the tones of the songs can be dramatic or peaceful, but all of them are good. All of the guys and girl have wonderful voices, and magnificent vocal ranges. Something that I really appreciate is that Skillet does not depend on swearing, sex, or drugs to make their songs appealing, and they definitely are not preachy. Skillet is, however, a light-rock band that will rock whoever listens to their music.

Editor's note: Thanks for sharing. Am posting the video of "The Voice" by Lisa Kelly. Really loved her voice in this one - no pun intended. The video is great as well.

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