Tramautic Event

by Nina

Talk to someone if something traumatic has happened

Talk to someone if something traumatic has happened

I used to take drugs often. One day I took too large of a dose and suffered a blackout, and I found myself waking up on someone's couch, and in another person's clothing. I only remember bits and pieces from that night. Ever since then I suffered a great deal. I would have anxiety attacks towards anything that triggered it. I ended up staying in my house for 6 months. I wouldn't drive anywhere. The whole outside world made me absolutely terrified.

Thankfully, I had my parents and a few friends who wanted my old self back again. I went to the doctor and told them what happened. It wasn't easy, and it certainly didn't happen over night. I began taking anti-anxiety medicine and anti-depressants. It has been 7 months now, and I still am on the road to recovery. I now have a job and I am attending college again.

If you are going through anything like this, please believe me when I say I can relate to how you feel. I hope this helps you and I pray that you get the help! I went months refusing help, and it just added on to a downward spiral. I know it isn't easy getting up and going out there. Please talk to someone if something traumatic has happened, there are people out there who can help you.

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