Turning Junk Food to Healthy Food for Quick Weight Loss

by Christina Jones

Pizzas are known for the high fat content and calories

Pizzas are known for the high fat content and calories

It is not an unknown fact that over-consumption of junk food causes a great deal of problems for the health. Neither is the junk food resistible. The flavor of the various foods are the sole cause of getting attracted towards them. There are numerous detrimental effects that the junk food can bring about and it is important to know about them before too late.

Effects of junk food

The most vital effect of the junk food is that it can bring about various heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. It is also likely that a person can develop a fatal heart attack due to the obstruction in the arteries. The reason behind this is the excessive oxycholesterol that is accumulated on the inner walls of the artery that causes the blockage. The artificial colors and flavors present in the junk food are responsible for the development of problems like asthma and hyperactivity. If there is a high blood pressure that is caused due to the excessive junk food consumption, it is the sodium content that is to blame.

But the junk food can however be taken in limits to minimize the harmful effects they cause. You don’t have to follow a high protein diet or any other diet that is meant for the weight loss.

There are ways you can curtail the harmful effects of the junk food and thereby reducing the weight.

Junk food diet to lose weight quickly

This does not imply that the junk food can be eaten for weight loss, but that, junk food must be taken within allowable levels to evade the effects they can cause. Here’s how you can do it.
  • You can stop the consumption of the regular spaghetti full of fats and carbohydrates and replace them with those made of whole grain. They are healthier and equally tasty too. The insulin levels are not spiked and there is also enough of energy that it provides too.

  • When it comes to desserts, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by making simple changes to the diet. Addition of sugar free ingredients can diminish the harm that they can do to the health.

  • It is most surprising that even pizzas known for the high fat content and calories can be made healthier by making the whole wheat dough pizza base thinner, thereby reducing the carbohydrates, and use the spaghetti sauce instead of the pizza sauce. Spreading of fat free cheese also helps in reducing the calorie content.

  • Even if you visit the restaurant, make sure you order only the foods that are less fatty and contain fewer calories. Restrict the number of times you eat outside.

  • Drink lots of water so that the harmful toxins are washed off from the body relieving you of the risks involved with junk food.

  • Also do not drink cola or soda as they contain the maximum sugar content, and avoid combo meals.

This article is courtesy of Christina Jones from DietPolicy.com

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