Ugly Duckling

by Vero
(Killeen, TX, USA)

Motivational notes kept me going

Motivational notes kept me going

I was 23, and all my life I thought I was ugly,
which depressed me a lot.

God bless I had a good friend,
who wrote me little notes like -

"I am pretty", "People love ME", " I look good" etc.
He posted them in my kitchen, entrance, bedroom, bathroom.

Every time I saw them I had to smile.

He always told me, that I have to love myself at first,
and then others will love me too.

It took me 2 years, but then I believed it,
and I was proud of myself.

It was the first time, that I loved myself -
and believe it or not -
other people loved me too.

The best thing is, I don't care anymore what I am wearing or how I am looking
I feel good no matter what,
I never lost my smile anymore,
and people love my SMILE !!!

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