Using Self Hypnosis CDs Does Work - If You Believe

Self hypnosis CDs helped me quit smoking

Self hypnosis CDs helped me quit smoking

I have used self improvement CDs to quit smoking, and also for stress relief. I have ordered them online, and there were a few - but, the one I wanted the most was the Stop Smoking CD. I used it as instructed, and it did work for me. I stopped smoking for three weeks immediately after using the CD - it just felt like I took a small eye-open nap, kind of like how a cat does - and after that, I really did not have the desire to have a cigarette at all!

But to keep the effect you must use them on a regular basis to reinforce the self hypnosis. I made some copies for a few friends - one was afraid to do it, one used it and had the same results I did, and one had no success. The key to self-hypnosis, I think, is to believe it will work; if you do not believe, it won't work, as there will be too much inner resistance. I need to find my CD and use it again.

Editor's note: Glad to hear self hypnosis CDs have helped you quit smoking. We have an article on self help hypnosis where we try to demystify hypnosis a little bit, address some of the common facts and fears, and provide a simple technique to do it at home. Hope it is useful.

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