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Energy Dance Your Way Through

group energy dancing - good way to manage stress

What is Energy Dancing?

energy dancing can be one of unique ways to manage stress

Energy Dancing is a way of dancing to music, using intuitive body movements, with the objective of quickly relieving your stress, improving energy flow in your body, and thereby leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The audio programs, developed by Dr Silvia Hartmann, come in two formats - one with guided instructions by Dr Hartmann, for those trying it for the first time; and other unguided version, with just the music in the background, for those that have a bit of experience in the process.

These are available for purchase in CD format, as well as instantly downloadable MP3 format, consisting of 9 guided tracks (including introduction and closing call), and 7 unguided tracks. Each track lasts about 5 to 10 minutes.

How to Get the Best Out of Energy Dancing Programs?

To get the most benefit out of there Energy Dancing tracks, you need to let lose, and immerse yourself completely in Dr Hartmann's guiding voice, and the music that follows. Her soothing voice comes through a pleasant background of flowing water, and gently guides you to let yourself lose, and start moving to the music, as your body intuitively dictates.

These audio programs do NOT consist of specific dance sequences - in other words, these are not dance training sessions of some sort.

Instead, these programs aim at bringing natural and spontaneous movement back to your body and mind (which many of us may have long forgotten), and use that movement, as a way of improving energy flow within your body - that can help you self-heal past emotional scars, become one of the ways to manage stress, enhance your mood, lighten you up, and make you come alive.

Contrary to expectations, Energy Dancing is not a difficult skill to master (it may be difficult to get started with it, but once you do, your body's natural rhythm and flow takes over).

Many people have successfully used Energy Dancing sessions for a variety of reasons - including as one of the ways to manage stress, depression or anxiety, to bring more clarity into their mind, and more joy and motivation into their life.

Other Details

If you want to get a feel of the products developed by the creators of Energy Dancing, you can find plenty of FREE downloads here.

Dr Silva Hartmann has also released the follow up to the first Energy Dancing program, called Energy Dancing II: The Sacred Horse. A discount is offered if you choose to purchase both programs.

We have heard the first installment, and we think Energy Dancing is a great, unique and fun way to get an awareness of your body and start feeling better in just a few minutes. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to do it again and again.

energy dancing can be one of unique ways to manage stress

Pure Magic of Dance to Bring Joy Into Your Life!

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